Check if a given filesystem / directory that it has enough space.


        "name" => "check file storage",
        "description" => "The file storage have some space left",
        "check" => array(
            "function" => "Diskfree",
            "params" => array(
                "directory" => "[directory]",
                "warning"   => [size],
                "critical"  => [size],


key type description
result🔸 (integer) result code
After loading the client class you can use constants to keep the code more readable
RESULT_UKNOWN = unknown (1)
RESULT_WARNING = Warning (2)
RESULT_ERROR = Error (3)
value🔸 (string) ouput text to describe the result
count (float) optional; if a count exists in a check then a tile will be rendered
visual (string) optional; used if a “count” was given. see counter description Description of response
key type description
directory🔸 (string) directory to check
warning {integer|string} size for warning level
critical🔸 (integer|string) size for critical level

🔸 required

Remark to the [size] value:

The values for warning and critical

  • must be integer OR
  • integer or float added by a size unit (see below)
  • warning level must be higher than critical value
  • units can be mixed in warning and critical value

supported size units are

  • ‘B’ byte
  • ‘KB’ kilobyte
  • ‘MB’ megabyte
  • ‘GB’ gigabyte
  • ‘TB’ terabyte

Example for Diskfree size params:

"warning"   => "1.25GB",
"critical"  => "500.7MB",


None yet.