The application monitor is a complementing tool next to the classic system monitoring of servers and its services. It makes checks from the point of view of the application: with its credentials and permissions started on the application hosts.

Installation / Get started

Go to page Server to install the server that contains the server and client components.

If you have a server already and want to monitor an PHP application then go to PHP-Client.


Server webgui

  • Multi language (English and German language file so far)
  • Optional service for permanent checks and notification 24/7
  • Notification as email, Slack message (respecting sleep times i.e. during the night)
  • Filter the view by selecting tags
  • CLI tool to automate settings in the server config (with Puppet, Ansible, โ€ฆ)

Client data

  • have meta data with global application status and a separate section for all single checks
  • define the user groups to notify if the application status changes
  • define tags that will be visible in the server ui to filter by a group of application types or departments or other logic
  • chaining: with naming a parent you can create a dependency tree of checks