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How does it work?

The appmonitor is a monitoring tool that consists of 2 parts

  • client (for each webapplication to check)
    • is executed on a incoming http request (there is no agent)
    • makes necessary checks for the full functionality of a website
    • uses the credentials of the application
    • responds information as JSON
    • more: Client , PHP-Client
  • server instance
    • collects all JSON data and presents an overview over all checks and websites
    • sends notifications to server admins (read from server config) plus developers and product owners (coming from clients metadata)
    • more: Server

The server should run as a deamon (but this is not a must for testing). It collects all monitoring data from all your web apps by sending an http(s) request.


The health-check is done from the view of the application server.

The client sends back a result in JSON format.


For PHP applications a client with pre defined checks is delivered.

For Non-PHP clients you need to write your own checks and create a response in the pre defined syntax.



After collecting all results it stores the results. It renders a web gui and sends notifications.