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🗃️ IML :: open source docs

Docs of several tools and components...

🗂️ PHP applications

Projects written in PHP

Application monitoring with low requirements.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 appmonitor
Proof of concept client dashboard using appmonitor API
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 appmonitor-dashboard
Build and rollout projects
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 imldeployment
Redirect urls of any domain that points here.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 redirect-handler
Package server for secure downloads.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 ci-pkg

🗂️ PHP classes

Reusable PHP classes

Simplify routing by defining routes and callback objects
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 tinyrouter-php-class
PHP class to render elements of the AdminLTE template
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 adminlte-renderer

🗂️ Bash

Shellscript based stuff

📙 IML Backup
Automatic decentral backups.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 iml-backup
Wrapper for to maintain ssl certificates
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 iml-certman
Delete files older N days in a start folder.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 imlcleanup
Install a software package from IML CI server.
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 imldeployment-client
Trigger an action if a file changes
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 onfilechange
Author: Axel Hahn; Institute for Medical Education; University of Bern

🌐 bash-rest-api-client
Bring up a docker container with a PHP 8.x dev environment
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 docker-php-starterkit
Icinga checks written in Bash
Author: Axel Hahn

🌐 icinga-checks