Get started

The project package contains the PHP client and the server.

If you run an application, CMS, Blog, … and if it is using PHP then you need the client part only.

Install with a script

There is a script in public_html/client/ that automates the manual steps above. It acts linke an installer and updater.

This is the fastest way to install and keep files up to date.

Requirements for the installer:

  • Bash
  • rsync
  • git

Get the installer

  1. Below the document root of a website create a new directory, i.e. [webroot]/appmonitor/

  2. Copy there or fetch it as raw file

    wget -O


    curl -o`
  3. Set execute permissions chmod 755

The Video shows the installation “somewhere”:

Get the installer

./ -h shows a help.

          |                                   |
          |  INSTALLER  |                     |
          |      +      |  Appmonitor client  |
          |   UPDATER   |                     |
          |                                   |
          +--------------------------- v0.2 --+

    This is a helper script to get the files of the IML Appmonitor
    client part only.

    This script clones and updates the repository in the /tmp 
    directory and syncs the client files of it to a given directory.

    In the first run it works like an installer.
    On additional runs it updates the files.


    ./ [target path]

        default target is [.] (current directory)

    ./ -h|--help

        Show this help.

First run: install

Install files by executing it: ./

The Video shows the first run of the installer:


Manual installation

Get sources

Get the files

  • with git pull or
  • download and extract the archive in a temporary directory

Copy needed files

Copy the files of subdir “client” from [package]/public_html/.

  1. Below the document root of a website create a new directory, i.e. [webroot]/appmonitor/
  2. copy all files of subdir “client” from [package]/public_html/client/ into [webroot]/appmonitor/