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Backup scripts to wrap Restic (or Duplicity). Runs on

  • Linux: (CentOS, Debian, Manjaro, Ubuntu)
  • MS Windows (by using compiled GNU tools eg. Cygwin or Mingw)

📄 Source:
📜 License: GNU GPL 3.0
📗 Docs: see docs folder or online

Supported backup clients:


We rollout our linux systems automatically. We try not to configure third systems for backup, monitoring and other general services.

  • No central backup server: We don’t want to configure a backup set on a “central backup server” for each new node. Each new node pushes its own backup data to a given backup target.

  • We want to push data from a private network to target; a central backup server would not reach some clients without sattelite systems.

  • No agent needed.

  • Automatic backup of databases: A set of database backup scripts detects exsiting locally running database services and puts a compressed dump file per database scheme to a local backup directory.

  • We want to use a local encryption of all data to backup.