Basic settings for database backups

There are 2 required values in the jobs/backup.job

dir-localdumps = /var/iml-backup
keep-days = 7

This defines the backup target for sql dumps and how long they will be kept locally.

There is an optional value to define the target directory for archived dumps. This value is used for couchdb2 only.

dir-dbarchive = /var/localdumps/archive

see backup.job

Backup sqlite

Sqlite files can be located anywhere in the filesystem. That’s why the cannot be located with an auto detection. You need to define them in the file jobs/backup-dbfiles.job first.

Per database file set a line with the sqlite = prefix

sqlite = /var/lib/whatever/sqlite-database_01.db
sqlite = /var/lib/somewhere/else/db.sqlite

see backup-dbfiles.job