Table of Contents

Explaination of some words


  • backup = save current data “somewhare”.
    Store your backup outside the local system to have a copy you can access if the system is damaged.


  • cronjob = start a command in a defined cycle. ie. every hour, every day, once a week and so on



  • full backup = backup of all data of the local system.


  • hook = entry points during the backup process where you can execute custom scripts.


  • incremental backup = backup of data that have changed since the last backup.


  • prune = delete old backup sets and thin data in the backup repository.
    As an example: You can make an hourly backup and define to keep all of them for a week, daily backups for 90 days and monthly backups starting from 1 to 36 monthes (=3 years). The prune actions removes data in the backup storage to thin out your backup data.


  • Restic = Commandline backup tool; a single binary is compiled with Go;

  • restore = copy data back from a made backup to the local system.


  • ttl = time to live
    Definition how long an information is valid before it needs to be updated again.


  • verify = check the integrity of backup data