Table of Contents

Getting files

An example client to access files from this package server is available as bash script (using curl).

See deployment project

The download script is bin/

How does it work?

TODO: needs to be completed.

Each request to localhost/packages/ is secured.

A request will be rejected in the following cases:

  • no authentication was used
  • a wrong authentication was used
  • an old timestamp was used (maybe the time on client or server are not synced)
  • a hashed key was used twice

If a request was OK the file will be delivered.

Possible GET requests are:

  • show names of phases (preview|stage|live) (1)
  • show products (1)
  • show files of a product (1)
  • get a single file

(1) only if showdircontent is set to true.

If a valid request came in then the hash will be written to [approot]/tmp/used_hashes.txt. This file will be cleaned up if reaching the defined file size with value of maxlockfilesize.