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IML deployment client

This client is a set of bash scripts to deploy a package that was built on th IML CI server.

graph LR %% ----- STYLING style CIserver fill:none,stroke:#aaa,stroke-dasharray: 3 5 style DeployClient fill:#8e8,stroke:#4a3,stroke-width:2px %% ----- GRAPH subgraph CIserver CI(CI<br>deployment<br>web gui) --> |Build| PkgDir PkgDir[Package<br>dir] end PkgDir --> |rsync| Pkg1 PkgDir --> |rsync| Pkg2 PkgDir --> |rsync| Pkg3 Pkg1(CI package<br>server 1) --> |secure<br>download| DeployClient Pkg2(CI package<br>server N) Pkg3(Puppet master) subgraph Appserver DeployClient --> |installs| ApplicationA(Application A) DeployClient --> |installs| ApplicationB(Application B) end

You need to put the files to the appliation servers. The task of the deployment client are:

  • fetch software with a secure download
  • extract the packages
  • generates configs by replacing variables in templates

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