Backup target host

Setup a backup target host.

  • define a working dir, eg. /opt/imlbackup/server - only some smaller logfiles will be generated there
  • get sources as root
  • add a non privileged user with a login shell; e.g “imlbackup”. Set the home directory to /opt/imlbackup/server
  • Set owner on working dir: chown -R imlbackup /opt/imlbackup/server
  • Set permissions: chmod 0700 imlbackup /opt/imlbackup/server
  • create a ssh keypair for the backup user using ssh-keygen
  • It needs diskspace capacity for all your systems you want to backup or you mount a storage
  • define an backup endpoint, eg. /netshare/backup/ and set the owner to the backup user:
    • mkdir /netshare/backup/
    • chown imlbackup: /netshare/backup/
    • chmod 0700 /netshare/backup/

Prepare backup client


  • Put the ssh private key to all your devices you want to backup into [installdir]/keys/imlbackup@targethost
  • Setup SSH connection for restic
    • Host: backup-host
    • User: imlbackup
    • key: [installdir]/keys/imlbackup@targethost
    • target dir: /netshare/backup/
    • enable register functionality:

Test: as root ssh -i [installdir]/keys/imlbackup@targethost imlbackup@backup-host